A new Gold Museum for Bogota, Colombia

Adressing the lack of an architectural Icon for Bogota, respectively fro the entire country, after researching deep into the pre-colombian cultural roots, we found a goldsmith masterpiece dated 301 .b.c This Artwork called “Poporo” was used by the indigenous cultures, for the storage of small amounts of lime produced from crushed and sea-shells. This symbol collectively recognized as an representative heritage symbol, has already been used in coins in the past, its timeless shape and harmonic proportions, allow a efficient structural engineering and high architectural performance. The base of it clearly visible in the Artpiece, becomes the foundations of the building while the main body Sphere represents the Entrance hall, and comercial Mall unit. starting to grow up, the neck responds to the residential use of the building the Crown Spheres at the top host a Hamman, Swimmingpools Spa and Wellness Area, SkyBars, Conference rooms, and Luxury residential penthouses. A disruptive architectural design inspired by national cultural roots, honors a over 2000 years old Artwork, which becomes the new National Icon causing a Guggenheim Bilbao effect in Bogota.

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